Collaboration network of Slovenian researchers and their scientific indicators

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Supplementary tables for the first of the above two papers are available by following the links below. Following them will display tables ordered according to different measures of scientific output. All tables are available separately for Slovenia (all researchers), the University of Ljubljana and the Institue "Jožef Stefan", as well as for the fields of medicine, chemistry and many others. Listed are only those researchers that have at least one bibliographic unit with citation data (linked to WoS). Please note that some of the tables are quite extensive and thus may load slowly. The file size for Slovenia is approximately 2.0 MB.


Slovenia's scientific collaboration network analyzed in the second of the above two papers can be traced back to the year 1960, when it consisted of no more than 30 scientists with an average of 1.5 collaborators. To date, the network consists of 7380 individuals that, on average, have 10.7 collaborators. This is quite a lot for an efficient graphical display. Therefore (and because the author of this page is a physicist) the below links provide movies and an executable for displaying a subset of the whole scientific collaboration network containing physicists only. In 2010 there were approximately 350 physicists in Slovenia that have published at least one paper that is indexed by the Web of Science, which decreases the network size considerably and allows for a useful graphical display of its growth and structure. Likely the most efficient way to follow the time evolution of the network of Slovene physicists is to download the executable, which reads the raw data from files and displays the networks in real time with an option of stoping at will and displaying the pertaining year. The executable, however, works under Windows (and probably under Apple), but I am not sure about Linux and other operating systems. If somebody would like to work with the source code, I would be happy to share it. Please send me an email. Alternatively, it is possible to download an animated GIF file (2.15 MB in size) or a high-quality MNG file (10.9 MB in size).